Nail Care & Repair
Strengthening Gel Overlay
Skyscraper Foundation Gel Overlay  £20
 (overlay on natural nails finished with Gel II top coat)   
- add Gel II polish  £5
- add Skyscraper Glass Gel £2
(applied over Gel II polish for strength)  
IBX Treatment
Initial Application  £8
Follow on treatments  £5
Broken / Chipped Nail Repairs
Nail Repair (per nail) £2
Classic Manicure / Pedicure 
Gel II Polish  £30
- Fingers / Toes 
Regular polish £10
- Fingers / toes 
Nail Candy
Glitter / Nail Art (per nail)  £0.50
Swarovski Crystals (each) £0.25
Luxury Treatments  
Deluxe Pure Organics Manicure / Pedicure  
-including normal polish  £35
- including Gel polish £45
Removal of Gel II polish without re-application £10
Removal of Gel Polish applied elsewhere before Gel II polish application  £5
Sorry, we do not remove enhancements applied elsewhere
CND Solar Oil (3.7ml bottle)  £5